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Director General's Message
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Female inmates Sewing
Paintings done by inmates
Recruits on passing out
Correctional Officers trained to use Weapons

Dear friend and partners,

The work which will reach our country to maximize national development in earnest is not only a duty under contractual obligation or responsibility to serve a nation, rather, could be owned as an opportunity providing us with the means to pay back to our beloved country for been part of her citizenry.

Let me remind you of the Sierra Leone you may have known differently from a country blessed with the culture of peace and co-existence, a nation we ought to protect, support and promote beyond our self esteem, above our personal interests, across those distances we have covered in love and courage. Unity, Freedom and Justice are nailed in our heart so will they paint our skin with the belief that becoming Sierra Leone Correctional Service will make us a more promising institution making great people of great ideas and great prospect to keep those who act against the law within a lawfully safe and secured correctional centre.

I wish to allow the wider community to go on with their lives and operate their businesses in a less crime occurrence frontage.

This frontage of our loved Sierra Leone has always been too critical when we refer to matters dealing with national security and justice. The prospective Sierra Leone Correctional Service is having no hesitation to say that this department has moved ahead the challenging wind and storm that made us to realize how far we have come from to understand ourselves and understand others during the true course of performing correctional services as provided in the February 2010 Bill.

This correctional frontage is no longer bad as it were thought, but will very much be good as you could think. Human Rights adherence and respect for humanity remains the keys to our public relation doors.

On these crossroads, you are welcome to the Sierra Leone Correctional Service; be a part of us, walk along our rich vision, through our mission statement we re-echo your voice and aspiration from the depth of our hearts to the people living near and far beyond those mountains looking like lions around Sierra Leone.

We will live to execute correctional services; keep offenders [inmates] off the criminal human traffic and then transform them to form part of a healthy national human resource where they [inmates] will ride and travel the road towards economic growth leading to national development.

In achieving this beautiful future, the management and
prospective correctional officers across the country are seriously engaged on skills training and agricultural cultivation that gear towards inmate correction.

I wish you will enjoy the benefits provided by this our official website, use the best of information you can access, sail through it with an open heart and please leave a comment if you can.Remain law abiding and look forward to our feed back in due course.


Sanpha Bilo Kamara - Director
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